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Cemaes Vintage Festival &

Classic Car Show

Sept 15-18th

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Celebrating the cultural heritage of the most northerly village in Wales

Despite its rural setting, Cemaes has a rich industrial past to discover.

Wygyr Wollen Mill began weaving brethyn (Welsh home-spun blankets) in 1698.

Industrial Heritage

Brick manufacturing at the intriguing Porth Wen brickworks during the 19th century.

Maritime Heritage

The sea has influenced many Cemaes lives. From its beginnings as an ancient fishing village renowned for its salt herring to a thriving port in the nineteenth century.


Generations of fishermen,
lifeboat men, seamen,
shipbuilders, and merchants
have shaped our rich
maritime heritage.

Many painters have captured their reflections of Cemaes through the centuries leaving an unique visual legacy.  

Cemaes Heritage Centre has an
art collection that portrays
village life, seascapes and
landscapes through the centuries.

Cemaes Reflections

The interesting history of Cemaes is retold through the lives of its notable characters.

Discover the connection
between Cemaes and the
great Titanic disaster
of 1912…

The first Labour MP of

A pioneering aviator…

Portraits of Cemaes

Trace the story of Cemaes Bay and Llanbadrig parish through the exhibitions’ four themes…

From Stone age nomads, the first people to call it home. The continuing cultural heritage of our Celtic ancestors and the impact of later Roman and Norman invasion. Discover Cemaes’ importance during the age of the Welsh Princes, and understand how its more recent maritime and industrial heritage have all helped to shape the parish we live in today.